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Industrial & Co-Generation Boilers


The BOTTOM-SUPPORTED boiler can be fired with a variety of fuels-oil, natural gas, or waste fuel. Whatever the specification, the boiler can meet them. Its modular design permits a choice of over 10000 combination of furnace width, depth & height, drum diameter, drum centers and boilers tube size-without the cost of customer engineering. The design concept assures maximum application span & reduces installation expenes.
Industrial & Co-Generation Boilers

Industrial & Co-Generation Boilers

A Wide range of shop assembly unit meet low intial cost, Short Delivery time, installation and economical operation. It is mainly used for chemical, process, fertilizers plants. boiler is based on the long-established and proven "D" shape surnace design with two drums, vertical bent tube boiler bank, water-cooled furnance and pressurized firing. Vijsuns shop-assembled boilers can be fired with wide range of gaseous & Liquide fuels & are equiped with the most modern Burning system available for the best overall economy

Capacity : Upto 1000 kg/h
Pressure : Upto 32 kg/cm2.g
Fuel : Siurge, rice husk, biomass, oil

Firing : Front firing



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