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Quality Policy
• Quality Program- VIJSUN has a quality management programme, which stresses on the principal of “First Time Right”.
• Customer Focus- Each VIJSUN employee strives to make this a reality, working that little extra to satisfy customer requirements.
• Commitment- Consistent assurance of quality product & services to the customer & keeping up such commitments consistently.
• Culture- Maintain quality culture, which encourages climate or respecting human values, creative thinking, and innovative ideas to improve overall efficiency.
• Leadership- Building & sustaining core competencies & engineering excellence through continuous innovation with a special focus on New challenges to attain commanding height.


VIJSUN recognizes its legal, humanitarian & socio-economic responsibilities towards :-

• Health, safety & security of the customer, sub contractors / Suppliers, Organization, men, material and operations.
Protection of environment- in fulfilling its responsibilities towards ecological balance, VIJSUN will firmly follow the law of the land & specifically risky operations, by standards & procedures of its clients. We firmly believe that :-

• Accidents do not happen…. they are cause & therefore preventable.
• Health, safety & environment protection forms an essential part of our sound business practices.
• Each employee of our organization is responsible for adhering to Health, Safety and environment protection norms.

VIJSUN will inherit & foster this policy within overall framework of its organization to ensure active & visible commitments at all the levels of the organization.


We have a SHEQ vision: ‘At The VIJSUN Group, we do not want to harm people or the environment.’ This vision guides our actions in all issues relating to SHEQ and inspires us to make the right decisions, take the appropriate measures and behave in a responsible manner. It ensures that at VIJSUN, people always come first.
Not harming the environment means more than just adhering to legal guidelines and internal corporate standards. It involves actively doing everything possible to mitigate any ecological damage resulting from our business activities. That is why VIJSUN, as a company, is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by improving efficiency and using resources in a responsible manner.

Our “100% SHEQ” makes our commitment more tangible and helps take our SHEQ message to all our employees across the Country.  

The VIJSUN’s Management Systems and Standards is a system for identifying core requirements and best practices in SHEQ with the ultimate aim of achieving world-class safety standards. VIJSUN provides our employees with immediate, global access to information and expertise across The VIJSUN Group and the elimination of duplicate tasks due to parallel systems at a regional and local level. VIJSUN also promotes environmental protection, sustainability and process efficiency.

The internal environmental and safety audits run by our SHEQ department comply with the main internationally recognised standards. In 2010, VIJSUN conducted a Tree Plantation Programme in India to commemorate the company's 25th anniversary.

We work closely with industrial associations and non-profit organisation to raise safety standards in the production, transport, storage and use of industrial gases.


• Safety, health, quality and care for the environment are foundational principles of our businesses.
• The safety and health of our colleagues, customers, business partners and communities in which we do business is our number one priority.
• Visible leadership and personal accountability for SHEQ, at all levels.
• SHEQ principles shall be reflected in 100% of our behaviour, 100% of the time.

• Zero incidents.
• Safe, secure and healthy working conditions for all who work with and for us.
• High quality, safe and environmentally responsible products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
• Responsible use of natural resources.
• Economic and environmental sustainability in everything we do.


• Comply with applicable legal, regulatory, industry and corporate requirements.
• Design, construct and operate our facilities in a safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible way.
• Accountability and performance tracking against our SHEQ goals and targets.
• Work with our business partners and industry to actively promote and enforce compliance with this policy.
• Promote open communication with all stakeholders and sharing of SHEQ knowledge.
• Continuously improve our performance and actively manage risk in our business.
• Provide resources, training, equipment and other support to enable fulfilment of this policy.

This policy is integral to The VIJSUN Group strategy and is periodically reviewed by the executive management board. The executive management board is committed to the implementation of this SHEQ policy.

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