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Rice Processing Mill

VIJSUN Undergoes complete Solution for Rice Mills Project, with Captive Power Project. VIJSUN supplies Rice Mills ranging from 1TPH and Above Capacity as per the Client requirement. Complete technology for Processing a Rice shall be offered with Rice Whitening & Polishing and Packaging of Rice.

Rice Processing Mill
Rice Processing Mill
Rice Mill
Rice Mill Equipments
Rice Mill
Rice Mill Equipments


Rice mill plants ranging from 1 TPH upto 15 TPH alongwith the suitable Captive power project. Power project operated on biomass & rice Husk to generate suitable power to operate the rice mill.
i ) Paddy dryer
It is mainly used to dry rice,wheat,corn, soybean etc.It is applicable to various combustion furnaces and coal, oil, firewood, straw of crops and husks can all be used as heat source. The machine is automatically controlled by computer. The drying process is dynamically automatic. Besides, it is equipped with automatic temperature measuring device and moisture detecting device, which greatly increase the automation and ensure the quality of the dried cereals.
Paddy dryers
ii ) Paddy cleaner
It is used to clean heavy, medium and light impurities in the grains. It features characteristics of high efficiency in edulcoration, stable performance, low energy consumption, low noise and good sealing properties etc.
Paddy cleaners
iii ) Paddy de-stoner
It is applicable in food processing to remove stones in unprocessed grains and processed grains which is particularly appropriate to be used in removing stones in rice. It uses double electric machine vibration that features characteristics of high processing amounts, stable technological performance, stable operation and low noises etc.
Paddy de-stoners
iv ) Paddy husker
It uses novel fodder system, advanced timing belt and reliable shedding plate automatic trailing Rubber roller and gas-driven automatic elastic roller which make the rice roller techniques more high-efficiency and reliable. The yield per unit and technique witnesses obvious improvements
Paddy huskers
v ) Paddy separator
It is mainly used to separate coarse rice mixture into pure coarse rice that has strong adaptabilities to raw materials featuring serious varietal complexity. It features superiorities of high purity, high output, simple operation and stable operation etc.
Paddy separators
vi ) Rice whitener
It is mainly used in the coarse rice whitening after the grains are un-husked. It features characteristics of strong cutting capacity, low broken rise, clean materials and high productivity that is an advanced rice milling equipment for the large-scale rice processing factory.
Rice whitener
vii ) Rice grader
It is mainly used in the grading of rice as well as grading and sifting of other particles in the rice processing process. It features characteristics of small size, light weight, simple structure, low noise, stable operation, good property, long use duration, simple operation and convenient maintenance etc.
Rice grader
viii ) Rice water polisher
It is newly developed based on integrating various superiorities of the same type of equipments in China. It can remove the crude bran more fully, effectively decrease temperature and moisture of the rice, make the processed rice cleaner and fresher and extend the length for preservation.
Rice water polisher
ix ) Rice color sorter
It features characteristics of all-digital scanning & imaging, specialized digital modular circuit, six electro-optical modes, sixty electro-optical memory storage functions, high-speed spray valve, intelligent operation imitated LED displaying and concise structure.
Rice color sorter
x ) Rice packing and measuring
It is mainly used in the quantitative packaging scale of particle materials in food, fodder, chemicals and other industries. It features high efficiency and accurate orientation.
Rice packing and measuring
xi ) Elevator
It can be used for vertical elevation of particle materials in food warehouse, food processing factory, oil processing factory and other industries. It features characteristics of small sizes, high elevation amount, conservative electricity consumption and smooth operation etc.
xii ) Biomass Boiler
Boiler can be operated from the rice husk and available Biomass. The steam parameters shall be suitable for the required power Generation and providing exhaust steam for rice plant.
Biomass Boiler
Biomass Boiler
xiii ) Power Turbine
Indigenous Steam Turbine to generate Captive power to operate the plant upto 1 MWe capacity.
The turbines shall be operated on steam produced with biomass based boiler and ranging from 300 KW upto 1 MW capacity.
Power Turbine

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