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Schedule Of Project Execution

• Design and engineering finalization by our design team.

• All Design and Drawing will be approved by client/Agency.

• Preparation of schedule chart, bar chart and month wise offer of equipment for inspection and dispatch.

• Preparation of manufacturing, programme chart/Inspection procedure following chart for clients approval.

• Follow up of production planning and Control procedure by internal department.

• Maintaining of component wise procurement schedule and co-ordination of bought out equipment and item by our bought-outs department.

• Project department analyzes priority wise procurement and supply of equipment.

• Project co-ordination for equipment Erection.

• Preparation of erection schedule.

• Preparation of commissioning schedule.


Provision of cranes for loading-unloading & lifting of heavy equipment at site during erection.
Labour and Site supervision Staff should wear compulsory Helmets & Safety Shoes at various stations where the erection work shall be in progress.
Safety Goggles & hand gloves to be utilised during Site fabrication work.
Compulsory supports to be provided when the Work at Height to be executed.
All stations with CCTV & Survelance to be provided to monitor the activity at respective stations from respective control room.
.Walky-Talkies at respective stations shall be provided at respective stations connected to control room as well as supervisors at respective stations.

We undertake following diversified activities –
Turnkey Sugar Plant ranging from 500 TCD to 10,000 TCD. The white plantation sugar by double and vacuum boiling process from sugar cane.
Turnkey Co-Generation Power Projects from 5 MW upto 30 MW from Biomass.
High Pressure Boilers for Power Projects Upto 120 TPH, 110kg/cm2 Pressure & 540 Deg C temperature.
Heavy Machinery & Structural Fabrication for Thermal Power Projects.
Turnkey Distilleries producing Rectified Spirit and Vapour phase based Molecular sieve. Turnkey Ethanol Plant and Distilleries from cane-juice cap. 10 KLPD to 100 KLPD.
Molecular Sieve Plant producing Motor fuel grade Anhydrous Alcohol i.e. Ethanol.
Turnkey plant for Starch and it’s further derivatives like Glucose, Dextrin, Dextrose, Monohydrate using Maize as row material. Plant capacity 50 T/day to 150 T/day.
Turnkey Sugar Refinery to refined exportable sugar with low ICUMSA as 30 to 50 from raw sugar. Plant capacity ranges from 50 MT/day to 300 MT/day.
Fertilizer Plant and granulation plant using various turnkey chemicals and additives.
.Edible oil extraction and refinery plant from oil seeds like Groundnuts, Soyabeen, Cotton Seed and Sunflower seed etc.
Turnkey fully automatic cattle feed plant using waste food grain and jaggary or Molasses.
.We also undertake fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Bullets for storage and transportation of L.P.Gas and heavy structural work.
.Material handling equipment ranging E.O.T. cranes to conveyors. Equipment for sugar, cement, paper and allied industries handling.
.Heat Exchangers.


VIJSUN has also made a Technology collaboration for Renewable Energy sector. Wind & solar energy is available in India and hence VIJSUN has made a technology collaboration for developing a small capacity wind turbines operating on low Wind and economically affordable price for customers. Similarly, in SOLAR, VIJSUN will be marketing small Solar projects for Solar homes and various Solar equipments in India and other developing countries.

The capacity of the Wind turbine will be upto 100KW. These Turbines can be installed on the roof top of the buildings, where enough wind speed can be obtained to operate these Turbines. These turbines can be used in various Industrial sectors, Agricultural sector, Hospitals and Hotel Industries, etc..

Similarly, Solar products like SPV’s, Small Solar Power projects, Solar pumps for Agricultural sector and other Solar equipments shall be marketed by VIJSUN. VIJSUN also interested in Solar Home technology with these products and shall be developing this technology soon which will be more convenient and affordable to the customers in India. The Copy of agreement for Wind turbine technology is attached below for your reference.

VIJSUN will be manufacturing small capacity packaged Boilers for chemical Industries and other industrial applications. The capacity of these boilers shall be from 1MT upto 5MT. The design and development of these kind of Boilers are in progress. Technical team is working over this project.

A separate marketing Team and Distribution channel is under development for this business activity. For all these Non-Conventional renewable energy equipment manufacturing VIJSUN has acquired Land about 5 Acres on Solapur- Agra National Highway in Yeola Taluka Just 13 Km away from existing setup.

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