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Sugar Mill Machinery, Turnkey Sugar Plant & Power Plant Supplier.Sugar / Starch / Liquid Glucose / Rise Mill Distillary, Boilers / Package Boilers, Material Handling Equipment, Agricultural Equipments, Pressure Vessels, LPG Tanks

Sugar Division

We rendered our services for design to commissioning of sugar plant cap 500 TCD to 10,000 TCD. Also supply sugar refinery and its by products.
VIJSUN's basic strength lies in the manufacture of machinery for Sugar plants. Sugar can be produced from sugarcane. VIJSUN has the complete know-how to cater to all the processes and has matched process and capacity for many different factories which have been entirely planned, designed and erected by it. To fully appreciate the comprehensive nature and flexibility of the Company's operations one has but to look into the records. Sugar machinery for Boiling House varying from 10,000 tonnes cane per day have been supplied. Expansion of capacity and modernisation of existing sugar factories have also been successfully undertaken.

Co-Generation :

Today, the thrust is on the most economic use of power. Captive power generation is a value added dimension for sugar mills. A sugar plant has inherent capacity to generate much more power than its own requirement. VIJSUN's have the expertise to design sugar plants with co-generation. We design sugar plants with the most economic power consumption, leaving a substantial surplus from the plant. This surplus power is in-turn supplied to the National Grid. VIJSUN's has designed and supplied 2500 TCD Sugar Plants with 8 MW co-generated power, after meeting the entire requirement of the factory.

Sugar Division

Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Commissioning of

   • Evaporators
   • Vacuum Pans
   • Juice Heaters
   • Vapour Cells
   • Crystalfisers
   Capacity 50 MT. to 80 MT
   Capacity - Different Heating Surface
   1400 Sq.ft. to 15000 Sq.ft.

Sugar Division
Sugar Division

Vaccum Crystallisers ( 30MT. to 50MT. Capacity )
Aircooled Crystallisers ( 65 MT. to 105MT. Capacity )
Juice Heater Station
Vaccum Crystallisers ( 30MT. to 50MT. Capacity )
Aircooled Crystallisers ( 65 MT. to 105MT. Capacity )
Juice Heater Station
Heavy Fabrication Work for Piping
Pan Station
Sugar Sizer
Heavy Fabrication Work for Piping
Pan Station
Sugar Sizer


 Concept to Commissioning of Complete Cane Sugar Plants Alongwith Co-Generation
 Design and Manufacture of:
• Cane Handling Devices
• Milling Tandems
• Diffusers 
• HP & LP Boilers 
• Process House Equipments
• Sugar Refinery (Both Backend & Standalone Refinery)
• Spares required for Sugar Plants.

 Cost Effective Solutions for Plant Balancing, Modernisation and Process Automation for Various Plants.
 Steam Economy Devices (32-35%on Cane).
 Minimum Power Consumption of the Sugar Plant.
 Ease of Maintenance of the Plant.

Turnkey Sugar Projects ranging from 500 TCD - 12000 TCD Capacity with automation 
• Cost Effective solutions
• Compact Plant layouts reduces civil works while allowing provision for future expansion scope.
• Equipment designs ensure reduced downtime
• Plant optimisation, balancing and modernisation by latest Technology 
• Co-generation of power for existing and new sugar plants, to improve Economic Feasibility.
• Optimised equipment and piping designs to reduce energy consumption 
• Process Technology options availability
• Project Management Capability with Experienced Project Managers, Engineers, Construction and Commissioning personnel work together for efficient Project Management and on time delivery
• Project based planning, scheduling and monitoring, Sequential supplies ensure organised site execution activity. 
• On site and class room training of clients operating & maintenance staff and workmen
• Operation & Maintenance for Plant operations.
• Sugar Plant with Zero Discharge Technologies.
ii) High Performance Cane Mills
• Sizes upto 2795 mm (110 inches) wide
• Various drive combinations
• AC - VFD with planetary drive
• DC motors and thyristor
• Hydraulic drives
• Assist drives
• Turbine drives
• Option of feeding devices
• Donnelly Chute, Underfeed Roller, Pressure Feeder, TRPF, GRPF
• Cane preparatory devices
• Cane Knives, Cutter, Chopper, Head on cutter,
• Fiberizer / Shredder, Whole stick cane shedder, swing hammer type heavy duty shredder.
• Rotary Juice Screen
• Complete DCS / PLC based automation
iii ) Boiling House Equipments
Juice Heaters
• Wide pitch tubular , Vertical Tubular , Vapour Line tubular, Direct     Contact Type, liquid to liquid Tubular
• Long Tube rising film ( Semikestner ) and falling film Type
• Robert type
• Condensate Flash Recovery System
Vacuum Pans
• Rapid Boiling, low head and faster circulation
• Option of mechanical circulators and automation
• Continuous Type
• Vertical and Horizontal Crystallisers
• Air cooled & Water cooled
• Horizontal type sugar melter
Mud filtration
• Decanter system
• Rotary vacuum Filter
• Syrup clarification system
• Filtrate clarification system
• Melt clarification system
• Short retention clarifier
Sugar House Equipments
• Sugar Elevator
• Sugar Grader
• Hoppers
Sugar Drying
• Fluidised bed sugar dryer
• Rotary type dryer
Sugar Refinery
• Melt Phosphotation & Ion exchange process     As well as Carbonation
• Complete DCS/PLC based automation
iv ) Plant Instrumentation
• Mill Control Systems
• pH Control Systems
• Evaporator Station Control Systems
• Pan Control Systems
• Vertical Crystalliser Control System
• Boiler Control Systems
v ) Bio-Mass & Coal Based Boilers 
     High Pressure Boilers
    Range: 20 TPH – 120 TPH 
    Upto 110 Kg/cm2 – Pressure & 540 Deg C – Temperature
• Suitable for Captive Power & Co-Generation Power Projects
• Multi-Fuel Boilers
• Single / Bi-Drum Boiler Options.
• State of the art Technology, Quality and Fuel Flexibility.
• Furnace Options.
• Pollution Control Devices.
• Suitable Ash Handling Systems
vi ) Balance of Plant Equipments
• Fuel Handling System
• Ash Handling System
• Water Treatment plants 
• Pollution control Devices.
• Steam Piping from Boiler to Power Turbine & Process house.
• PRDS Stations
vii ) Plant Electrifications
• Complete Plant Electricification as per requirement
• Power Control & MCC & VCB’s & Transformer Electrifications
• Proper Bus Ducts 
• Switchyard for Co-Generation power plant for 33 KVA / 132 KVA / 110 KVA / 220 KVA ,etc..
viii ) Spares for Plant
• Crown Pinions
• Perforated Roller Shells
• Complete Roller Assemblies
• Trash Plates
• Turn Beams
• Scrapers
• Tail Bar & Couplings
• Mill Bearings
• Boiler Tubes & Headers
• Planetary gearbox for mill drive
• Rope coupling
• Vacuum Pans
• Juice Heaters
• Evaporators
• Tubes for heat exchanger
Modernisation Equipments of Existing Plants for
• Boiler
• Mills
• Process house
• Sugar Refinery
• Centrifugal House
Sugar Dust Collection System
Sugar Plant
Swing Hammer Faibrizor

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